Former Minister Speeches

25 Jan 2010

It is indeed a pleasure to be here with you today and to participate in a ceremony that acknowledges and honours the contributions made by the late Mama Miriam Makeba.

07 Dec 2009

Ladies and gentlemen, the Ministry of Arts and Culture is committed to the development of sustainable cultural industries. In an effort to understand the challenges facing the sector, the Ministry is having our ongoing discussions with the cultural industries. This year, we have had fruitful discussions with the film and music sectors.

26 Nov 2009

Last week at the meeting between the President, my fellow ministers and I with the creative sector, President Zuma began his address by saying that we were starting a conversation.

26 Nov 2009

We are rapidly reaching the end of a year in which we have celebrated 15 years of freedom. This has been fifteen hard years in which we have laid the foundations for a non-racial and non-sexist South Africa.

25 Nov 2009

I have the honour to represent the people and Government of South Africa on this auspicious occasion of the commemoration of the UN International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People.

14 Nov 2009

It is with great honour to be invited to address this important event combing old and young people, especially youth in schools as it certainly proves that arts, is indeed for all. I am indeed happy to witness that the project that was championed and launched by my predecessor, Ms Ntombazana Botha on the 2nd of April 2009 is being successfully implemented, hence this gathering of today. Let me also thank Mr Radi Van Zyl, Ms Sonja Muller for the hardwork and commitment in the mounting of exhibitions within the respective provinces over the past three weeks.

11 Nov 2009

As we meet here today, let us remember that one of the core mandates that we have been tasked with as the arts, culture and heritage sector is the building of cohesive, caring and sustainable communities.

24 Oct 2009

On behalf of the Ministry and Department of Arts and Culture, we are here to pay our last respects to Winston ‘Mankunku’ Monwabisi Ngozi, a great and multi-talented artist and musician and a true son of the South African soil.

20 Oct 2009

Allow me, Chairperson, to make just one comment before I start. The world has come full circle. Football has finally come home to Africa. The British might have given us the football but let us not forget that South Africa and Africa is the cradle of humankind, the very beginning of humankind all his achievements. It therefore gives us, South Africans, and Africans everywhere, including the Diaspora a great sense of pride and achievement to be hosting the 2010 FIFA World Cup

16 Oct 2009

This week we as a country celebrate Marine Week and the Department of Arts and Culture is marking this occasion together with the Department of Water and Environment, the Department of Defence and Military Veterans and the Departments of Education.