Former Minister Speeches

16 Oct 2009

This week we as a country celebrate Marine Week and the Department of Arts and Culture is marking this occasion together with the Department of Water and Environment, the Department of Defence and Military Veterans and the Departments of Education.

13 Oct 2009

I would like to welcome all delegates to this 6th Annual Oral History Conference organized by the Oral History Association of South Africa and supported by my Ministry and Department.

05 Oct 2009

We are deeply honoured and moved by the decision of the Palestinian Authorities to present a Palestinian Cultural Week in South Africa.

23 Sep 2009

In his State of the Nation Address President Jacob Zuma highlighted key elements of the government’s programme of action. He said “The creation of decent work will be at the centre of our economic policies and will influence our investment attraction and job-creation initiatives.” He stated that “Another important element of our drive to create job opportunities is the Expanded Public Works Programme (EPWP). The second phase of the programme aims to create about four million job opportunities by 2014. Between now (June) and December 2009, we plan to create about 500 000 job opportunities.” My Department has done and will do to ensure that government reaches this target of decent job opportunities.

23 Sep 2009

I would like to begin by warmly welcoming delegates to South Africa. We are pleased that so many people could travel such great distances across oceans and rivers to be at this 4th World Summit on Arts and Culture.

23 Sep 2009

I must say right from the outset that I am pretty humbled by the confluence if not the conspiracy of coincidence that have conjured the possibility that we should launch this historic public private partnership in Polokwane - a land of myths and legends; the land of breathtaking scenery and landscape; a land of rich African cultures and ancient civilisations; and of course home to the mopani worm, the exquisite cycad and the majestic baobab tree.

22 Sep 2009

Thank you for inviting me to be part of this opening ceremony. On behalf of the government and people of South Africa, I would like to warmly welcome delegates to our beautiful country and to the city of Johannesburg.

21 Sep 2009

My predecessor, Minister Z Pallo Jordan, and Minister Frans Timmermans met in February 2008 to discuss the development of cooperative projects between our two countries, within the context of arts, culture and heritage.

17 Sep 2009

The Ministry of Arts and Culture welcomes this opportunity to participate in this debate to look at the meaning of Heritage Month to the people of South Africa.

September marks the annual heritage month celebrations in our country.

16 Sep 2009

Pogramme Director, I have pleasure to speak at the launch of Heritage Month at Mapungubwe National Park, which houses one of our historic World Heritage Sites. It is here where our ancestors built a settlement of which we can be proud. It is here where they made artefacts from iron and gold, including the famous rhinoceros made from gold foil.