Media Releases 2019 - 2015

30 Jun 2016

Miriam Makeba in her seminal piece titled “African Sunset” demonstrated this, Hugh Masekela with his powerful song, “Stimela” once again demonstrated the power of arts in mobilising and conscientising society about the ills that confront society.

28 Jun 2016

The festival now in its 42nd year continues to draw and develop audiences, thus creating a number of job opportunities and building markets for the Arts, Culture and Heritage sector that brings together artists and audiences from different backgrounds and cultures.

25 Jun 2016

“In this way he gave voice to a sense of cultural belonging in an idiom rooted in the way people lived and interpreted their lives. His body of work spoke in the cadences and the rhythms of the people and he extended the cultural imaginary of South African literature.”

14 Jun 2016

Ben Nomoyi was born in Korsten but due to forced removals was removed to New Brighton, Port Elizabeth where he grew up. He studied at the University of Fort Hare but due to his active engagement in politics, he was kicked out.

08 Jun 2016

Youth Day recognizes and celebrates the role of South African youth in the liberation struggle, while also commemorating the pain and the sacrifices that young people made so that we can all be free from the yoke of racist oppression.

06 Jun 2016

Minister Mthethwa expressed his gratitude to the Coal Stove Pictures production team for the success of their production dance film, “Hear Me Move,” at the prestigious Africa Movie Academy Awards (AMAA).

05 Jun 2016

Nyembezi Kunene rose to fame and became a household name in Emzini Wezinsizwa and through the character, ‘Jabulani Dlomo’ in Generations. More recently he also played a part in Scandal.

16 May 2016

“We thank SABC for leading the way in practice and look forward to the implementation of a new copyright regime that benefits the creative industries and artists in particular. Let other broadcasters also follow suit,” said Minister Mthethwa.

05 May 2016

Speaking on the significance of launching Africa Month at Maropeng, in his opening address, Minister Mthethwa said that, “We meet here at the Cradle of Humankind, which tells the story of the earliest history of humanity, a story of birth, and a story of migrations.

04 May 2016

“In the South African case, archives have been deliberately kept in obscurity as the result of the machinations of the previous dispensation. The collection policies were lopsided and did not reflect the proper demographic makeup of the country”, remarked Deputy Minister Mabudafhasi.