Minister Speeches 2014 - 2010

10 May 2013

Today marks an important day in the development of the local film industry.

We are presenting a comprehensive study on the economic impact of the South African film industry. The last time government did such a study was in 2000.
The study includes value chain analysis, size of the industry, economic multiplier effects including the number of direct and indirect jobs created.

08 May 2013

We thank the people of this great nation for receiving us warmly since our arrival here, early this week.We are here to strengthen the already cordial relations between our countries.We are here, once again, to extend a hand of friendship and solidarity to a brave people who have done so much to help liberate not only my country, South Africa, but many parts of our Continent

06 May 2013

We are brought together here today by a special occasion; the launch of the South Africa Season in France.As the South African government we are proud that we are taking more than 800 South Africans, including artists, academics, sportsmen and women to France as part of our ongoing programme to strengthen people to people relations between the citizens of South Africa and France.

03 May 2013

On behalf of the government and the people of South Africa, I take this opportunity to extend a warm welcome to all of you, dear friends, from our Continent and the Diaspora.
We trust that you will enjoy your stay in our country and that you will experience the warmth and hospitality that we as South Africans are known for.

22 Apr 2013

It gives me great pleasure to welcome all of you today as we open the //hapo museum here at the Freedom Park.Freedom Park stands as a monument to our country’s freedom and democracy; founded on the values of Ubuntu, equality and dignity for all.

17 Apr 2013

I bring you warm and fraternal greetings from the government and the people of the Republic of South Africa.We thank our hosts for the hospitality shown to us.We meet here today to launch the South African leg of the SA - French Seasons 2013.

16 Apr 2013

It gives us great pleasure to meet you here today, to further strengthen the bonds of friendship and solidarity between the peoples of the United Kingdom and South Africa.

Today we are taking an important step in promoting greater understanding and appreciation of our cultures.

02 Mar 2013

Let me begin by saying; One way! One heart! One heart! One way!

I wish to take this opportunity to thank the membership and the leadership of the Methodist Church of Southern Africa for inviting us to this Convention of the Young Men’s Guild.

16 Jan 2013

Ladies and Gentlemen We meet here today to show our appreciation to some of our country’s finest musical talent on their recent achievements on the world stage.

17 Dec 2012

We have met here today to witness the unveiling of the beautiful paintings by Ndebele women from South Africa on the walls of the Nelson Mandela Forum building.