Former Deputy Minister Speeches

08 Aug 2006

It is, indeed, an honour and a great pleasure for me to be addressing you this morning on the eve of the national commemoration and celebration of the 50 th Anniversary of the Women’s Anti - Pass March to the Union Buildings here in Pretoria on 9 August 1956.50 years ago on 9 August 1956, 20 000 women came from all over the country to march to the Union Buildings in Pretoria to protest against the extension of government regulations to African women regarding the carrying of passes. We are proud to acknowledge in our midst, some of the veterans who marched on that historic day. We have here (name veterans……………)

01 Aug 2006

This year marks the 50th Anniversary of the women’s march to the Union Buildings on 9 August 1956. The women were protesting against the imminent introduction of the infamous unjust pass laws that were intended by the apartheid regime to further polarise and dehumanise the people of South Africa. We are told that well over 20 000 women marched on that day.

20 Jul 2006

A very good evening to you all and may I also officially welcome all our guests from the Netherlands and visitors from other parts of the world to our very beautiful country, South Africa.

13 Jul 2006

In his inaugural address in May 1994, former President Mandela said: “The time to build is upon us. We have at last achieved our political emancipation. We pledge ourselves to liberate all our people from continuing bondage of poverty, deprivation, suffering, gender and other discrimination” Indeed, this has been our government’s foremost objective – to eradicate poverty completely in our country. We have, however set ourselves a target to halve poverty by 2014.

19 Apr 2006

South Africa is immensely honoured that the Dominican Republic has decided to declare the period from 19-21 April 2006 as South African Week. It is pleasantly fulfilling to learn that our young democracy is recognised and celebrated by progressive countries such as the Dominican Republic.

08 Mar 2006

Today is International Women’s Day! It is with great excitement and a sense of achievement that we join in with all the women of the World to celebrate this day. As we speak, our diplomatic missions beyond our borders are also engaged in similar activities celebrating this day.

11 Nov 2005

It is indeed a great pleasure and privilege for me to stand in front of you at a time when South African cinema is making its claim amongst the nations of the world and the broader film fraternity. South African film has indeed come of age. As we celebrate 10 years of Sithengi, I would like to pay tribute to my predecessors, the current Minister of Justice, Ms Brigitte Mabandla and the Minister of Water and Forestry Affairs Ms Buyelwa Sonjica who I am told, during their tenure as Deputy Ministers of Arts, Culture, Science and Technology, embraced this event and contributed to what it is today.

22 Jun 2004

In August 2002 the then Department of Arts, Culture, Science and Technology was split into two separate departments and this resulted in the establishment of the Department of Arts and Culture, on the one hand, and the establishment of the Department of Science and Technology, on the other. However, the two departments remained under one Ministry.