National Arts Council of South Africa (NAC)

The NAC was established in April, 1997 through an act of parliament (Act no.56 of 1997).


To promote, through the arts, the free expression of South Africa’s cultures

Mandate (objects) of the NAC is set out in its founding legislation, the NAC Act (1997).

  • To provide, and encourage the provision of, opportunities for persons to practice the arts
  • To promote the appreciation, understanding and enjoyment of the arts
  • To promote the general application of the arts in the community
  • To foster the expression of a national identity and consciousness by means of the arts
  • To uphold and promote the right of any person to freedom in the practice of the arts
  • To give the historically disadvantaged such additional help and resources as are required to give them greater access to the arts
  • To address historical imbalances in the provision of infrastructure for the promotion of the arts
  • To promote and facilitate national and international liaison between individuals and institutions in respect of the arts
  • To develop and promote the arts and to encourage excellence in regard to these.


The NAC operates by inviting applicants to submit their project proposals and applications for bursaries once per annum, in which an independent panel of experts in each of the seven arts disciplines adjudicates on each application and makes recommendations to council.

The NAC offers financial support to arts organisations and individuals involved with projects in dance and choreography, literature; multi-discipline; theatre and musical, theatre, visual arts and craft.

Contact details:

Telephone: +27 (0)11 838 1383

Fax: +27 (0)11 838 6363

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Physical Address

66 Margaret Mcingana Street (Cnr Gwigwi Mrwebi)
South Africa

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PO Box 500
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