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The Programme is responsible for the provision of leadership, management and support functions to the Minister, Deputy Minister, Director-General and the Department. The administrative function provides support to the entire Department. thus contributing directly and indirectly to the delivery of all five strategic outcome-oriented goals. The following are strategic outcome-oriented goals to which Programme 1 makes a direct contribution:


Goal 1: a transformed, coherent and development focused Sector – driving greater policy and planning coherence in the Sector towards the achievement of sectoral development outcomes.
Goal 4: sound governance, modernised systems and processes, and a sustainable ACH Sector – sound governance and the modernising of the ACH Sector to ensure the effective utilisation and leveraging of ACH resources for the benefit of all South Africans.
Goal 5: a professional and capacitated ACH Sector – building the skills and capacity of the Sector to ensure its ongoing development and responsiveness.
The Administration Programme covers the work of the following subprogrammes:
1) Ministry
2) Management
3) Corporate Services
4) Office of the CFO
5) Office Accommodation