Heritage Promotion and Preservation

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The Programme is responsible for the identification, collection, safeguarding, promotions and transformation of the South African heritage, archives, heraldry and libraries. The Heritage Promotion and Preservation Programme supports delivery against the following Sectoral Strategic Goals:


Goal 1: a transformed, coherent and development-focused Sector – driving greater policy and planning coherence in the Sector towards the achievement of sectoral development outcomes.
Goal 2: nation building through effective social cohesion programme implementation – leading nation building and societal transformation through effective social cohesion programmes and a focus on multilingualism.
Goal 3: a productive, diverse and inclusive ACH Sector – protecting, preserving, promoting and developing arts, culture and heritage, and advancing the socio-economic inclusivity and contribution of the Sector.
Goal 4: sound governance, modernised systems and processes, and a sustainable ACH Sector – sound governance and the modernising of the ACH Sector to ensure the effective utilisation and leveraging of ACH resources for the benefit of all South Africans.
Goal 5: a professional and capacitated ACH Sector – building the skills and capacity of the Sector to ensure its ongoing development and responsiveness.
The Heritage Promotion and Preservation Programme covers the work of the following sub-programmes:
1. Heritage Promotion and Preservation:
    • Heritage Institutional Development
    • Bureau of Heraldry
    • Living Heritage
    • Policy, Research and Development
2. National Archives and Record Services of South Africa:
    • National Film, Video and Sound Archives
    • Records Management and Information Services
    • National Archives
    • Library Policy Coordination and Library Services

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