Other Speeches

16 Nov 2013

I am honoured by the invitation to deliver this year’s
Chief Albert Luthuli Memorial Lecture. I thank the organisers: the Department of Arts and Culture, the University of KZN, and the Luthuli Foundation for giving me this opportunity.

30 Oct 2013

I have done this as a way of reflecting the diversity of the South African nation; a nation our founding father; Tata Nelson Mandela, once referred to as a “rainbow nation”.

13 Oct 2013

I bring you revolutionary greetings from the ANCWL. The WL would like to thank the family of Cde Rahima Moosa for having shared with the nation a finest daughter of the revolution.

24 Sep 2013

Thank you for joining us on this important occasion to celebrate the National Heritage Day and the 50th Anniversary of the establishment of Mdantsane Township.This year we celebrate Heritage Day under the theme—“Reclaiming, Restoring and Celebrating Our Living Heritage”.

29 Aug 2013

As we conclude another important milestone in the calendar of our country that of celebrating the women’s month, we begin the month of September to celebrate our cultural heritage.

09 Aug 2013

We gather on this day every year to celebrate the heroism of women who marched to the Union Buildings on 9 August 1956.The year 2013 is special as we are marking 100 years of women’s struggles for liberation from all forms of oppression in this country, under the theme; “A Centenary of Working Together towards Sustainable Women Empowerment and Gender Equality”

03 Aug 2013

From today until the end of the month, the government and the people of South Africa will be commemorating Women’s Month under the theme: “A centenary of working together towards sustainable women empowerment and gender equality”

21 Jun 2013

It is a great pleasure to welcome you to the inaugural Can Themba Memorial Lecture. This is a very important milestone in pursuit of our mandate of recognizing and celebrating individuals who have made exceptional contributions in the development of the South African arts, culture and heritage sectors.

23 Sep 2009

I must say right from the outset that I am pretty humbled by the confluence if not the conspiracy of coincidence that have conjured the possibility that we should launch this historic public private partnership in Polokwane - a land of myths and legends; the land of breathtaking scenery and landscape; a land of rich African cultures and ancient civilisations; and of course home to the mopani worm, the exquisite cycad and the majestic baobab tree.