Former Deputy Minister Speeches

02 Jul 2009

Government acknowledges the important task of addressing the legacy of apartheid to ensure that all of our people experience the benefits of freedom. The deliberate neglect of rural areas caused serious harm to our communities. The majority of South Africans were confined to the Bantustans and townships that were totally neglected. As we all know, even the townships, which were largely created in urban areas, had relative development which did not meet the bare minimum needs of our people. Townships were created merely to provide labour for the factories and domestic needs of the minority.

19 Jun 2009

In his State of the Nation address, President Zuma called on each and every one of us to help build a more cohesive society. The arts, culture and heritage sector plays a significant contribution to social regeneration, unity and reconciliation. As we transform our country, we need to ensure that we inculcate the spirit of solidarity and a caring society. The Department of Arts and Culture is tasked to lead and coordinate efforts to promote national identity and social cohesion.