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The following bids have been awarded during the 2019/2020 financial year

BID No Title Successful Company BBBEE Contributor Contract Value Contract Period
DAC 05/12-13 Appointment of a service provider to conduct National Audit of Community arts centers Create Africa Trading cc Yes R 1 682 707 7 Months
DAC 01/12-13 Appointment of a service provider to monitor and evaluate all Mzansi Golden Economy (MGE) funded projects for two years Octagon Marketing (Pty) Ltd Yes R 8 776 2 years
DAC 07/12-13 Appointment of a service provider to cost the implementation of the South African Library and Information Services Bill Cornerstone Economic Research Yes R 1 145 814
DAC 10/12-13 Appointment of a service provider for the design and development of the sourcing enterprise/information center portal Baitseanape Technologies Yes R 9 082 008


There are currently no cancelled or expired tenders